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How To Order


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Please select articles from our large selection of flowers and plants. Our goods are classified by "Occasions" and "Flowers Varieties".
Click on "Details" button of the article you'd like to buy. You can view large images and further information.
Click on "Order Now" on the page, then checkout process will begin.

*Items on this English site may be slightly different from those of the Japanese site".

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STEP 1. Shopping Cart

In the cart, you will find items you've selected. Please check again the details of the item information, such as price, volume, color etc.

*Please note that you need to agree with our privacy policy in order to place an order on this online shop.

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STEP 2. Shipment Address & Billing Address

Please fill in the form with the information about the sender and the recipient.

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STEP 3. Delivery Date

Select your preferred delivery date.
If you have a message to the recipient, please fill in the form.
You can also leave an instruction message to our shop.

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STEP 4. Review Order

Review all the information you've entered and fill in the form with your card information.

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STEP 5. Confirmation

Your order has been confirmed and the order number will be issued on the page.
You will also receive an order auto-confirm mail via e-mail.


*Please note:
When you purchase products and flowers together, they may be delivered by a separate package, due to different shipping handles. The deliveries will usually come on the same day.
Delivery Info

The Online News letter will be sent to those who have purchased on World Flower Service's web site.

We offer information and campaign information deals to you irregularly.
Tnank You.

For inquiries or informations, please send email to the address below.
Email: mail@japangift.net

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World Flower Service manages this web site and sells some products from Russ.
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send flowers and gifts to Japan in low cost online.

WFS is an online Japan florist specialized in delivery to Japan from all over the world.
Our service is to deliver the real fresh flowers from flower farmers in Japan to your someone special.
Russ Berrie and Company Inc.
Russ Berrie and Company Inc.
All RUSS products meet European CE
With a rented converted garage in New Jersey, USA, Russ Berrie established a Russ Berrie and Company Inc in 1963. Now by delivering life's milestone to about 97 countries world wide including England and Australia , RUSS assumed a mantle of leadership in gift industry. All RUSS products meet European CE.
About Bears products
All RUSS Bears products meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and use only anti allergenic materials, so that babies and small children who have sensitive skins, and customers who have allergies can be safe to purchase RUSS products. In addition, all products are inspected twice for safety.

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