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In general flower is a popular gift, especially roses. Stuffed animals are also popular among young generations up to their 30's.
About 50% of customers add sweets on top of flowers or wine.

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Yes. You can enclose your personal message on card with max. 20 words (there is word limitation under Japanese postal regulation. Long message might be shortened by us, when exceeding the limit.) We are sorry for that we can’t accept message in other language but English (because we only have English-speaking staff).

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Yes, except some isolate islands and parts.

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Yes. Before the delivery, our English speaking staff will try calling the recipient to check the address and ensure she will be home to accept the delivery.

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You can give us your time frame request, 18:00-20:00 or 20:00-21:00 (Japan Standard Time). In case the recipient is not home, we’ll leave a notice of non-delivery for the recipient. The recipient can call to make an arrangement for delivery.

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We are sorry. We will try to improve and expand our services to answer to such request in the near future. However, if you make a note on the “comment” field on your order form, we will try our best to deliver asap (we can’t guarantee today’s delivery at any rate).

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Yes. We have a lot of orders to U.S. base. Please do not forget to write a name of the base, name and number of the bldg, and telephone number ( e.g. Base Okinawa tel: 6117-XXXXXX). No need to write address of the base or unit.

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Yes, we will try our best. With the information you have, we will search correct address, name, telephone number in our own way. And if we couldn’t, we will get back to you.

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No. We are afraid we can not accept request to deliver the gifts to overseas from Japan.

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Russ Berrie and Company Inc.
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With a rented converted garage in New Jersey, USA, Russ Berrie established a Russ Berrie and Company Inc in 1963. Now by delivering life's milestone to about 97 countries world wide including England and Australia , RUSS assumed a mantle of leadership in gift industry. All RUSS products meet European CE.
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All RUSS Bears products meet American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and use only anti allergenic materials, so that babies and small children who have sensitive skins, and customers who have allergies can be safe to purchase RUSS products. In addition, all products are inspected twice for safety.

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