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Flower Delivery Info

*Please note that We deliver flowers only in Japan. We are afraid we can not accept request to deliver the flowers to overseas from Japan.



The flowers you ordered will be cut, packaged in a box and delivered fresh witin 24 hours directly from one of our 100 associated flower farmers in Japan (except Hokkaido and some parts of Kyushu area).
We use Yamato Transport Co., Ltd, the best door-to-door delivery service company in Japan.
*Please note that we may decline your order in case shipping address is out of delivery service area, such as isolate islands.

Co., Ltd,
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Choose time frame.
Please be reminded that we are unable to answer to your specific time request. Also we may contact the recipient to ensure s/he will be home to accept the delivery.

time frame
(Japan Standard Time)
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If you wish to check the product arrival on the recipient’s place, please let us know. We will promptly check and answer you the delivery status.

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When the recipient is not present at the time of delivery, we leave a notice of non-delivery for the recipient. Recipient will be asked to call to make and arrangement for re-delivery. If the recipient didn’t contact us on the first day, delivery date will be on the following day. We can keep the flowers only for 2 days. In case the recipient didn’t contact us within 2 days, we will take care of the flowers on our side (no return to anybody), and no refund acceptable.

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We often get questions such as “What flowers will be like?” or “I wonder if the flowers are fresh enough”. We guarantee the quality and freshness of all our items. Just in case the flowers died or wither in 3 days from the delivery day, we will deliver the replaced item again. Also, our toll-free phone(domestic only) number is enclosed in the package, the recipient can call us if they have any questions regarding our products and service.

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For cancellation, please call or email us no later than 2 days before the delivery date of Japan time. If it’s late, due to the nature of fresh items, we can’t accept cancellation. In a case of defect or damage of product, we will replace it for free. If the recipient refuses to accept a delivery, you may be held fully liable for the cost of the gift. For any other troubles, we promise you to respond in a sincere manner.

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We are afraid that we basically can’t accept an order of surprise flower. Before we deliver our items, we will try contacting the recipient to ensure s/he will be home to accept the delivery, and confirm shipping address, phone number and delivery time. It is very helpful to avoid non-delivery due to long absence (vacation), move, telephone number change (especially mobile phone), etc. Contacting the recipient in advance may lessen the recipient’s excitement in some degree, but from our point of view with the long experiences, most of them rather enjoy waiting itself. Thus we can deliver the flowers unfailingly. Per request, we also can keep your name secret until the recipient opens the gift and look your message. (Your name should be in your message.) *Please note leaving item on the receiver’s doorstep is forbidden under the Fire Defense Law in Japan.

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Each product will be delivered by a separate package due to different shipping handles. Most delivery comes on same day.

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1 New Year's Day (shogatsu)
-This is the most important holiday in Japan.-
Second Monday of January (national holiday)
Coming of Age (seijin no hi)
-The coming of age of 20 year old men and women is celebrated.-

14 Valentine's Day

3 Doll's Festival (hina matsuri)
-girl's festival-


5 Children's Day
-boy's festival-
Second Sunday of May
Mother's Day

Third Sunday of June
Father's Day

7 Star Festival (tanabata)
-It celebrates the meeting of Vega and Altair. The day they are allowed to meet only once a year.-

Third Monday of September (national holiday)
Respect for the Aged Day (keiro no hi)

Second Monday of October (national holiday)
Health and Sports Day (taiiku no hi)
31 Halloween
-In recent years, Western-style Halloween decorations are becoming popular.-

15 Seven-Five-Three (shichigosan)
-A festival for children-

24-25 Christmas
-Christmas is celebrated by an increasing number of Japanese.-

More Information (japan-guide.com)

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