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Send JapanesePlantsBonsai to Japan.

Moss ball”Shinobu”

A moss ball with flowing leaves



Color Sand ”Hello Kitty”2 piece set

A cute cactus is above the head.



Bonsai“Kuromatsu 黒松(Japanese black pine)”

The pine tree is cited as typical of Bonsai.



Bonsai“Himehiiragi 姫柊(Holly)”

The leaves have jagged glossy.



Bonsai“Gajyumaru ガジュマル(Banyan)”

Banyan is unique form.



Bonsai“Matsubokkuri 松ぼっくり(Pine cones)”

Pine that was germinated from pine cones



Bonsai“Sekikahinoki 石化桧(Cypress)”

Very rare cypress!



Bonsai“Goyomatsu 五葉松(Pinus parviflora)”

Pinus parviflora will increase distinctive character year after…



Premium Bonsai“Goyomatsu 五葉松(Pinus parviflora)”(M)

It is the essence of Japan's proud art, "Bonsai".



Premium Bonsai“Kuromatsu 黒松(Japanese black pine)”

"Black pine" of a strong branch



Premium Bonsai“Goyomatsu 五葉松(Pinus parviflora)”(S)

Approximately 9 years old, please enjoy the shape of a steep tre…



Animal Topiary

Cute animals made ​​of the moss


Customer praise
Jun-Sydney Australia
The mini- phalaenopsis I sent Mom on last mother’s day was pretty and perfect. Mom said “this how-to-care booklet is helpful”. 2 months later, I visited her house and it was still alive with lovely flowers. Thank you.
Customer praise
Wang Li Ting -Taiwan
Your are offering preserved flowers in low price! The recipients always tell me that they love the design and everything. They seem to think it is expensive than it is. I won’t tell them the real price. Thank you.
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